Noyce Scholarship FAQ’s

1.  What is the purpose of Husky Teach?

HuskyTeach is designed to produce top quality science teachers for high needs schools.  We are especially interested in individuals with background in such schools while also increasing the teaching professions diversity.

2.  Where did the money from HuskyTeach originate?

The money is distributed by the National Science Foundation based on a sizable contribution from the family of Robert Noyce.  He’s the founder of Intel.

3.  What are expectations of applicants for the HuskyTeach scholarship?

HuskyTeach is only available to future science teachers admitted into Avery Point’s program which requires:  a STEM undergraduate degree, a passing score on a content exam (Praxis 2), a criminal background check, a US History course, and a transcript review to ensure that an appropriate number and distribution of science credits are met.

4.  What are the application requirements for HuskyTeach?

HuskyTeach applicants must submit an essay, provide letters of recommendation, and participate in a screening interview.

5.  Bottom-line: how much is the HuskyTeach stipend?

$30K.  Plus $1000 for lab supplies and travel to a national science teaching conference.

6.  Is HuskyTeach more of a loan or is it a scholarship?

HuskyTeach is a scholarship for those who fulfill their obligation to teach in a high needs school system.  Should someone fail that requirement, the scholarship turns into a loan that must be repaid plus interest.  Collection of those dollars is undertaken by the US government and could involve garnishing paychecks.  Our preference is to award the scholarship rather than treat this as a loan.

7.  What other benefits does HuskyTeach offer?

During summers, Noyce Scholars work side-by-side with research scientists in Avery Point’s Marine Science Department.  Knowledge gained during those experiences are translated into curriculum materials for use during student teaching.  The lab supplies budget is intended to cover the costs for science equipment.

8.  Is it possible to hold down a job during HuskyTeach?

No.  The reason the scholarship is so sizable is to reduce the need for scholars to seek outside employment.  Realistically, there is no time in the schedule for other work.